Product Name:Full-automatic Blank Wheel Grabbing Manipulator

Product Model:XLY-JXS-13/22A
It is applied for automatic feeding, water cooling, water controlling and automatic transfer etc. The mold of production is mixed-model production, and it can deal with wheels of different sizes produced by two casting machines at the same time.
It mainly consists of feeding pallets, cooling water box, lifter and electrical control system.
1、Adopting PLC full-process control and simple, practical man-machine operating interface.
2、The average production rate is less than 80 seconds (the time of water cooling is not included), which is efficient.
3、Operating steadily with double track, various measures on mistake proofing gain more safety and reliability.
4、One person is able to handle two or four machines which dramatically decrease labour intensity;
5、Range of Application: For wheels of 13-22 inches, can be customized.