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  • 2016
        Sinolion industrial park will invest 5 billion RMB, covering an total area of 706,000㎡, The project construction is divided into two phases. The first phase will invest 2.5 billion RMB, covering an area of 297,333㎡.  After completing the industrial park, the annual income is expected to add 2.6 billion RMB,3000 jobs, gain taxes 21.5 million. Then total output value of Sinolion industry group will reach 6 billion. 
  • 2015
        By 2015, Sinolion Industry Group set up its eighth subsidiary - Sinolion Bohai Wheels Co., Ltd., which is based on the strategic development of the Group established the first wholly-owned company, will carry out its own brand-oriented retail market business hub, Sinolion Industry Group entered a new stage of rapid development.
  • 2014
        In August, 2014, the project of high strength, light weight aluminum alloy wheel with annual output reaching 200 million of Sinolion Wheels Co., Ltd started.
        From this project, the annual output of Sinolion Industry Group’s annual output will reach 10 million and become one of the largest aluminum alloy wheel R&D production bases.
  • 2013
        In July, 2013, the project of high strength, light weight aluminum alloy wheel with 18 million annual output started.
  • 2012
        In April 8, 2012, the install and debug of the first spinning machine was finished and the flow-forming line was accomplished, the first spinning wheel successfully produced.
        XingLong Industry Group became a world-leading manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheel which owns three productive technology of forging, casting and flow-forming at the same time.
  • 2011
        On December 26, 2011, the ERP system start to operate, the enterprise ‘s modernized  management level improved.
  • 2010

        In October 2010, balance run-out test line declared by Development Department of The Group obtained the authorization of  patent for invention from SIPO, the Industry Group start a new age in the  field of  independent research and development.

  • 2009
        Dicastal XingLong Wheels Co.,Ltd and XingLong Wheels Co.,Ltd were awarded the title of High-Tech Enterprises in November 2009.
  • 2008
        Intergrated five subsidiary corporations, The Sinolion Industry Group was found on January 10, 2008.
  • 2007
        The second-stage project of XingLong Wheel Co.,Ltd. was completed and has successfully trail produced in June 2007.
  • 2006
        The forging production line started in March 2006.
  • 2005
        The first-stage workshop started in November 2005.
  • 2004
        Hot working, machining and painting were connected to operate on the casting production line in February 2004.
  • 2003
        The first casting wheel N0.361-665 was produced successfully at 20:48 on December 15, 2013.